Description of the game "Mr.Wick"

An assassin simulator with elements of orienteering and cartography based on the movie "John Wick"

The blue marker is you, the red markers are other players, and the orange markers are tasks that increase your reputation and give from 1 to 3 gold coins. An incomplete task is replaced after an hour.
Purple markers (excommunicado) are special tasks that appear once every 6 hours. For completing it, you can get the best weapon or 100 gold coins.
The yellow marker is a player heading to the Continental. The player cannot attack, but can be attacked. The road to the Continental takes 20 minutes.
Continental is a safe place to relax and observe the outside world. Leaving the Continental alerts all players within a 1 km radius and makes you vulnerable for 60 seconds.
Reputation increases the rank and rating of assassins. At death, 50% of the reputation and current weapons are lost, and when killed, 25% of the enemy's reputation is obtained.
The reward for the head is the number of gold coins received for the murder. You can award a bounty for the head of the player who killed you or was killed by you, and the top 3 players of the rating.
There are several types of weapons with different damage radius. The best weapons can be obtained only for completing the purple task.
When the game is closed without being sent to the Continental, the character will remain at the last coordinate and will become vulnerable to other players.
Interaction with other players is allowed only through a smartphone, harassment, insults and scaring of other players are prohibited.